Two strong partners, Treureva AG from Zurich and GHM Partners AG from Zug, are to become one
June 2021

The two service companies Treureva AG from Zurich and GHM Partners AG from Zug will be merging to form a single group from mid-June 2021. This will give customers of both consulting firms access to 50 experts in the fields of tax & legal, auditing, accounting and HR services in one fell swoop. Treureva and GHM Partners’ sites in Zurich and Zug will continue operating and the market coverage for their customers will grow from Zurich down to Zug and into the whole of Central Switzerland.

Treureva AG was founded in Zurich in 1982 as an auditing company. Over the years, it has greatly expanded its expertise in the fields of auditing, accounting and taxation. With the takeovers of both Hugger Treuhand AG and Integralis Personal Treuhand AG in the last year, it has been able to strengthen its accounting expertise on the one hand, and give its customers access to a full range of HR services on the other.

GHM Partners AG was founded in Zug in 2011. Over the last 10 years, GHM Partners AG has grown to be one of the leading independent consulting firms in Central Switzerland with a heavy focus on tax and legal advice as well as notary services. Further to this, GHM Partners AG also offers its customers comprehensive accounting services.

With this merger, customers of the Treureva Group now not only benefit from even greater professional expertise across all fields, they also gain access to – in some cases – entirely new services, all from the same provider. In addition, we are convinced that the greatly expanded regional coverage of our Group from the economic area of Zurich, down to Zug and into the whole of Central Switzerland will bring advantages to our customers.

Philippe Keller, shareholder and CEO of the Treureva Group, said of the transaction: “This merger is perfect for us. With the new site in Zug and the reinforcement of our tax department, we are achieving two more goals from our planned growth strategy. Our existing customers will also be pleased to know that we now have notaries in our ranks. This accelerates the relevant processes even further.”

Reto Giger and Oliver Habke, the founders and partners of GHM Partners AG, will become co-owners of the Treureva Group and preside over their respective divisions of tax and law across the entire Group. This will ensure that the relationships with customers continue in the same professional manner and the tried and tested quality of the services provided remains protected.

Reto Giger, of the GHM Partners AG Board of Directors: “After the successful expansion of GHM Partners AG, it was strategically logical to broaden the range of services we offer our customers using the available expertise. Treureva AG is the ideal partner for this. We look forward to showing our customers the new possibilities at the next opportunity.”

Dr Yves Cheridito, shareholder and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Treureva Group says: “It brings both me and the entire Treureva team great joy that this merger with GHM Partners is growing our family even further with brilliant and highly trained experts. This will all be to the benefit of our customers, true to our motto «Customer at the center».


The following people would be very happy to provide you with any further information:

Dr Yves Cheridito, +41 58 274 77 00

Philippe Keller, +41 44 267 17 38

Reto Giger, +41 41 500 41 10

Oliver Habke, +41 41 500 41 10