Workation Experience in Hamburg
June 2023

During his stay in Hamburg, our CEO Philippe Keller took the opportunity to explore the concept of "workation". This is a combination of work and vacation, where you work in a different place and enjoy the surroundings at the same time.


Thanks to the Workation initiative of PrimeGlobal - The Association of Advisory and Accounting Firms, Philippe had the opportunity to work in the Hamburg office of the ba-group. This office offers a first-class working environment and allows our CEO to network with inspiring colleagues. Thank you for the interesting exchange and hospitality Arne Keller and ba-group!


"The experiences I have had here have been truly enriching. Hamburg is a fascinating city with a rich culture, impressive architecture and a vibrant business community. The mix of work and leisure has allowed me to recharge my batteries, gain new perspectives and develop professionally at the same time."